Four Cylinder Rules

Port Royal Speedway
Four Cylinder Rules as of 9/13/17
for questions call 717.363.0509
1 Stock manufacturer wheels that come from factory on your car – steel or aluminum. No Racing Wheels
2 Correct motor for manufacturer
3 No cold air intake
4 No stagger. Tire must match side to side. Fronts and rear do not have to match.
5 Cars have to be complete. If it comes stock with rear hatch it must be on. 
6 No racing shocks or suspension parts. This is a stock 4cyl class.
7 Transmissions can be welded.
8 Fuel cell are recommended but not mandatory.
9 Battery can be relocated but it must be contained. 
10 Must have all safety equipment. Suits, gloves, racing seat, head and neck restraint or neck collar, helmet 2015 or newer rating.
11 Rub rails are allowed, These are rub rails for protection not beater bars to hit other competitors.
12 Tow chains must be mounted front and rear.