Keizer Brings Thousands To Port Royal, Specs and Rules Being Reviewed, Work Continues


Port Royal – One of the leading wheel manufacturers in the sport of auto racing worldwide, Keizer Aluminum Wheels of Iowa and its Eastern Wheel House has joined with Port Royal Speedway for the 2011 racing season. Keizer brings thousands of dollars of product sponsorship to the oval and its racers. 

Vouchers worth $6,500 towards the purchase of aerospace quality aluminum racing wheels will be distributed to the sprint and late model divisions at the historic track during the course of the upcoming season. 

PRS Promotions Promoter and Manager Steve O’Neal talked about Keizer joining forces with Port Royal Sunday.

“We’re proud to have a business like Keizer respect the efforts we’re currently making at Port Royal by bringing this outstanding sponsorship package on board,” said O’Neal. 

“This allows us to help supplement our weekly headline divisions by putting a little more into the pot for them all season long.” 

Elsewhere, officials are busy preparing, reviewing and finalizing speedway general rules and technical specifications for 2011. 

It is important for racers in all divisions, especially the pro stocks and enduros, to realize that there will not be a wholesale overhaul of any technical specs for the 2011 season. Major changes in any divisions are neither realistic nor expected. 

“In looking at other track’s rules for the pro stock and enduro divisions and talking to some of our current competitors it is very evident that these divisions are in dire need of a set of rules,” says Chief Pit Steward Tom Stimely of the work he and Tech Inspector Todd Hestor have been doing. 

“Over the next several months we will try to understand the intent of the classes and what budget group is being targeted to get the car counts at a higher and feasible level. Currently we are going to start the 2011 season with the 2010 cars and write the rules so everyone is on a level playing field.” 

Speedway work crews labored through the falling snow and cold on Saturday and Sunday, continuing to overhaul and expand the pit area and continuing general facility upgrades. 

The 2011 season opener featuring 410 and 358 sprint cars at Port Royal Speedway is slated for March 19 at 6 PM. The late models join the 410 sprints one week later. 

An exciting 2011 schedule of events was recently released that features visits by USAC sprints, ARDC midgets, URC sprints and the All Star Circuit of Champions sprints. Popular events returning in 2011 include the Keystone Cup, PA Speedweek and the Dream Race. 

View the entire schedule at the official speedway website,