Living Legends Dream Night Before The 50 Set For September 9

Port Royal  – The Living Legends Dream Night Before the 50 is set to honor driver Keith Kauffman and car owner Walt Dyer on Friday, September 9, with the Kauffman and Dyer Twin 20s for sprint cars.

As a way of making up the rained out Living Legends Dream Race from August 6, PRS Promotions officials have announced this spin on the Dream by putting together the exciting program as part of the 44th annual Tuscarora 50 weekend and the 157th annual Juniata County Fair that closes the speedway’s season. 

The 44th annual Tuscarora 50 itself is slated for Saturday, September 10 at 7 PM. 

The Kauffman and Dyer Twin 20s program will pay out a full B Main purse, $300 to win heats and a dash, more than $1,000 for fast time and over $1,500 to the hard charger. 

In addition, contingency prizes including Goodyear Tires, DMI certificates, Wings Unlimited certificates and more will be awarded to the second through fifth place finishers in the heat races. 

As part of bestowing the honor and title of “2011 Living Legend” unto Keith Kauffman and Walt Dyer, the Kauffman 20 will be the first feature on the program, paying $3,300 to win in honor of Kauffman’s most identifiable early career mount, his No. K33. 

And just as owner Dyer’s mount was the iconic No. 461, the Dyer 20 run second on the night will pay a hefty $4,610 to win.

Plus, if one driver can sweep the events, they will claim the Dream Night Before The 50 Bonus In Memory of Marion Ritzman worth more than $2,000, earning them a total of at least $10,000. 

An inversion of the top finishers in the Kauffman 20 will set the field for the Dyer 20. 

Winners will be celebrated in each event with both features offering full purses. 

In the event that the $2,000-plus bonus is not claimed, it will roll over to the Tuscarora 50 for either one of the Living Legends Dream Night Before The 50 winners if they can claim the prestigious 25-mile Saturday event. 

In addition, both of the twin 20 winners will be guaranteed starters in the Tuscarora 50.

As was the case with the August 6 Kauffman and Dyer Living Legends Dream Race, numerous previous Kauffman owners and Dyer drivers will be in attendance for an autograph session along with Kauffman and Dyer cars on September 9. 

More news surrounding this growing event and promotion will be forthcoming.      

Time trials for the September 9 program are slated for 7 PM.