Enviroman Joins Port Royal As Late Model Title Sponsor

Port Royal – Enviroman Products of Columbia, South Carolina, has signed on as co-sponsor of the 2014 super late models at Port Royal Speedway.

Enviroman joins Jake’s Carts of McVeytown as the official division sponsors for the balance of the season.

Manufactured in Columbia, SC., Enviroman is a producer of environmentally friendly degreasers and cleaning products that is working on distribution throughout the United States with an expected product debut this summer.

Upon release, Enviroman will provide mechanics, janitors, and both commercial and residential clients with user-friendly products that are safe for the environment as well.

“We are pleased to be joining forces with Port Royal Speedway, as a manufacturer in cleaning products,” says Enviroman CEO Kevin Whitaker.

“We feel there is no better place for us to present our product and be represented than on and at a racetrack.”

“Being with Port Royal is a good start to many things to come.  In the world of racing that involves engines, grease, and excited fans, we are excited to release our Ultra Red degreaser product soon.”

“There are thousands of cleaners out there but Enviroman represents and displays power, purpose, and satisfaction in doing the job.  We think everyone will be pleased to have a product like Enviroman that is 100% biodegradable and safe to use on your toughest grease cutting tasks.”

Port Royal Speedway will help Enviroman launch and debut its Ultra Red during the summer months upon the products release.

The Juniata County oval is home to the best super late model racing in the region with Saturday night fanfare lasting through early September.

Visit the speedway’s official website at www.portroyalspeedway.com for all the latest speedway news and information or find Port Royal Speedway on Facebook and Twitter.