WoO Seats…

Any season seats purchased beginning on and after May 30, 2015, will not be valid for the 10/24/15 World of Outlaws racing program.

The bottom 10 rows, rows 1 – 10, of the grandstand will be open, first-come, first-serve, general admission seating for the Oct. 24 World of Outlaws racing event.  Rows 11 – 19 will be reserved seating.

General admission prices for the 10/24/15 event will be: ages 0 – 11, Free; ages 12 – 18, $20; adults, $30; pits, $40.

Reserved admission ticket/seat price is $35.  Anyone who desires an event reserved seat in rows 11 – 19 of the grandstand will be charged the full $35, regardless of age.

Any person that buys a Port Royal season seat May 30 or later and still wishes to sit in a reserved seat for the Oct. 24 race will have to go online with or call the World of Outlaws and purchase his/her seat/admission for that race in advance, paying full price.  OR, they can take the chance that reserved seating still remains on the day of the race and simply buy a seat/admission on that day.  OR, they can obtain seating in the unreserved general admission portion of the grandstand.

Any person who purchases a season admission pass at any time for 2015 has his/her general admission paid for the Oct. 24 race.  If that person wishes to obtain a seat in a reserved area for Oct. 24, he/she will have to pay a $5 up-charge on the day of the event to obtain one of those seats if any are still availableNo up-charge seats can be purchased prior to the day of the event.  HOWEVER, if that person is so inclined and wants to ensure ownership of a certain seat in the reserved area, he/she has the option to purchase a reserved seat/admission for the event at full admission price. OR, he/she can attempt to obtain seating in the unreserved general admission portion of the grandstand on the day of the race.