Living Legend wins the Living Legends Race.

PORT ROYAL, Pa. – Lance Dewease of Fayetteville became the first proclaimed Living Legend himself to claim victory in the prestigious Living Legends Dream Race itself at Port Royal Speedway on Saturday night.

Dewease dueled with Stevie Smith throughout the 35-lap main to pick up the payday that in total on the night netted him $12,510 for his efforts work.

Dewease won the first 16-lap semi main of the night, taking the lead from Mike Wagner on the sixth tour of the semi to claim that victory worth $2,000 plus $160 in lap money. 

Smith likewise won his semi going away, claiming $2,000 for the win plus $160 in lap money and then pulled a 0 inversion to place himself and Dewease on the front row for the start of the Dream A Main.

Smith bolted into the lead over Dewease and Ryan Taylor at the start with Lucas Wolfe driving up to third before the red flag unfurled on the third lap for a third turn crash between Cale Grubb and AJ Flick.

Dewease screamed underneath Smith for the lead when action resumed but Smith would have none of laying off as he immediately scrambled to catch back up to Dewease.

And catch up he did on the tenth lap when he blasted underneath Dewease to regain control but then Dewease put his elbows up as well and came back into contention.

The front runners were working traffic on the 12th circuit when Smith left a lane open low around the inside of the third corner and that was Dewease’s chance to pounce for another run at the lead.

And the pounce proved worthwhile as he motored up off of the bottom groove to edge ahead of Smith at the line for another stint at the front of the field.

Ninth starter Danny Dietrich rolled into third, getting by Lucas Wolfe on the 17th lap as Dewease held sway and began putting distance between himself and the rest of the field.

A final caution flag slowed the pace and bunched the field with seven laps to go, giving Smith new life.

And Smith nearly made good on the chance, running in the leader’s shadow through the dead slick of the oval however as the race came to three to go, leader Dewease began gaining just enough increased traction to pull just far enough ahead to prevent Smith from completing a pass.

The victory was the 99th of Dewease’s career at Port Royal and second of the season. It was also his first ever win in the Port Royal Dream Race, worth $10,000 plus $350 in lap money to bring his event total to the aforementioned $12,510.

Smith rode home second in the Dream, finishing some 1.195 seconds behind and ending up with a night total take of $7,500.

Danny Dietrich finished third after starting ninth in the field, claiming a $500 hard charger bonus to go along with the rest of his night’s purse money and lap money, giving him a total of $3,190.

Defending Dream winner Greg Hodnett finished fourth in the Dream A, ending his night with a total of $2,660 in the bank including $100 for fast time and lap moneys.

Lucas Wolfe ended up fifth, taking home $2,400 in total including purses and lap money.

Ryan Taylor finished the Dream in sixth spot, pocketing $2,590 including purses and lap money.

Aaron Ott was sixth in the feature and claimed a $350 hard charger bonus in his semi to end the night with a take of $2,250 including lap money.

Ryan Smith was eighth, taking home $1,600, followed by Dylan Cisney, $1,450; and Blane Heimbach, $1,900 including lap money and hard charger in his semi main.

Overall fast time was set by Brock Zearfoss with a lap of 16.385 seconds.

The B Main was won by Cale Grubb. Mike Wagner II., won the fan vote to become the 25th feature starter.

Non qualifier Kody Lehman won a free set of Penske Shocks for attending the most races to date of all the non qualifiers.

Dylan Yoder came out on top of a spirited and exciting 25-lap super late model main after dueling with defending track titlist Mike Lupfer and Coleby Frye.

Tim Smith Jr. led the first three circuits of the feature before Lupfer took over with Yoder racing into second on the sixth lap.

Yoder overtook Lupfer on the eighth tour but then had to fend off repeated challenges of Lupfer to reclaim the top spot.

Coleby Frye took a shot at the lead and briefly took command with five laps to go only to see Yoder go back out in front for his fourth oval win of the season.

Frye was a respectable second, finishing just .846 seconds behind at the line, followed by Lupfer, Tim Wilson and Tim Smith Jr.

Sixth through 10th went to Waylon Wagner , Patrick Bryner, Jason Schmidt, Andrew Yoder and Andy Haus.

Heats went to Frye, Dylan Yoder and Chad Hollenbeck with the consolation going to Jeff Miller.

The 2016 Port Royal Speedway Living Legends Dream Race is sponsored by: Slivinski Law Offices,, Lyons Auto & Truck Center, Moose Blocks, Leach’s Automotive Service, Triple X, Packers Concessions, Hoosier Tires, Penske Shocks, York County Racing Club, Boulevard Car Wash,, Terry Ritzman, DMI, CRANKWERKZ, Rider Racing Engines, Don Ott Racing Engines, Boulevard Car Wash, Wings Unlimited, Smith Tire, Zemco Speed Equipment, Hank’s Performance Products, Mach 1 Chassis, Kreitz Oval Track Parts, Bryan Imes Auctioneer, Rebecca Kerstetter Agency, Hackenberg’s Tree Service, MBH Race Cars, Weikert’s Livestock.

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Feature finishes:

410 sprints, 35 laps: 1. Lance Dewease, 2. Stevie Smith, 3. Danny Dietrich, 4. Greg Hodnett, 5. Lucas Wolfe, 6. Ryan Taylor, 7. Aaron Ott, 8. Ryan Smith, 9. Dylan Cisney, 10. Blane Heimbach, 11. Mike Wagner, 12. Doug Esh, 13. Steve Buckwalter, 14. Brock Zearfoss, 15. Curt Stroup, 16. Tyler Bear, 17. Rick Lafferty, 18. Wayne Dadetto, 19. Logan Wagner, 20. Dustin Baney, 21. Joey Hershey, 22. Mike Wagner II., 23. Mike Erdkey. 24. AJ Flick, 25. Cale Grubb, 26. Rodney Westhafer

DNQ: Anthony Fiore, Daryl Stimeling, Nicole Bower, Kody Lehman, Kyle Pruitt, Trenton Shaeffer
Late models, 25 laps: 1. Dylan Yoder, 2. Coleby Frye, 3. Mike Lupfer, 4. Tim Wilson, 5. Tim Smith Jr., 6. Waylon Wagner, 7. Patrick Bryner, 8. Jason Schmidt, 9. Andrew Yoder, 10. Andy Haus, 11. Dave Brouse Jr., 12. Larry Baer, 13. Jerry Bard, 14. Nick Dickson, 15. Jeff Miller, 16. Scott Flickinger, 17. Cole Amsden, 18. Roy Deese, 19. Jared Fulkroad,, 20. Jeff Johnson, 21. Chad Hollenbeck, 22. Steve Bailor, 23. Chuck Haydt Jr., 24. Jason Davis