Port Royal Dream Race Fast Timers Can “Stay, OR Play For Pay” To Start Semis

Inversion gamble offers front row, third row and fourth row starts for cash up front!

PORT ROYAL, Pa. – The top two fast timers in qualifying at this Saturday’s Living Legends Dream Race at Port Royal Speedway will have the chance to “Stay OR Play For Pay,” in order to start the twin 16-lap semi mains.

As has been customary after time trials, the entire field will be split into odd and even groups based on their overall finish order in the time trial results.

The first semi will be made up of the odd timers (1, 3, 5, etc.) while the second semi will be comprised of the even timers (2, 4, 6, etc.) and both the odd and even fast timer will be in line for $100 fast time awards plus a weighty decision.

To begin with, the speedway is offering an inversion of four to start the semis, which means that the fast timer can start fourth in his semi. He can choose to accept that option and be on his way back to the pits.

However, the two top time trialers will also be offered a gamble, to “Stay, OR Play For Pay,” offering them the chance to either better their starting position or perhaps worsen it and earn some cash in the process if they opt to give up their already offered inversion of four.

If the duo of fast timers chooses to do so, they can take the gamble and “Play For Pay,” by reaching into a bag to pick an alternate inversion pill.

Inversion options in the “Play For Pay,” gamble will be 0, 6 and 8.

If the 0 pill is pulled, the semis will begin with a heads up start and each of the fast timers will earn $100 for placing themselves on the pole to start AND if they can go on to win the semi, they will earn an additional $400 each, on top of the already posted $2,000 winner’s share.

In total, if he wins, this could net either driver a total of $2,600 for his 16-lap effort.

If the 6 inversion pill is pulled, the fast timers will set themselves on the third row to start their respective semis and each driver will walk away with $350 just for pulling the pill on top of the money they earn racing in the semi.

And if the 8 pill is pulled, the fast timers will set themselves in the fourth row to start and each driver will walk away with $500 just for pulling the pill on top of the money they earn racing in the semi.

The top three finishers in the semis will advance to an inversion draw to start the 35-lap Dream A Main with inversion possibilities of 0, 4 and 6 being offered for the A.

The balance of the Dream A Main starting grid will be filled via a heads up start based on finishing position in each semi with the top 10 from each semi filling the first 20 starting positions in the A.

A B Main will fill out the final four Dream starting spots.

At the conclusion of the B Main, a lucky 25th feature starter will be chosen by a fan vote from all the remaining cars that complete the B.

The 2016 Port Royal Speedway Living Legends Dream Race is sponsored by: Slivinski Law Offices, Lelands.com, Lyons Auto & Truck Center, Moose Blocks, Leach’s Automotive Service, Triple X, Packers Concessions, Hoosier Tires, Penske Shocks, York County Racing Club, Boulevard Car Wash, Hoseheads.com, Terry Ritzman, DMI, CRANKWERKZ, Rider Racing Engines, Don Ott Racing Engines, Boulevard Car Wash, Wings Unlimited, Smith Tire, Zemco Speed Equipment, Hank’s Performance Products, Mach 1 Chassis, Kreitz Oval Track Parts, Bryan Imes Auctioneer, Rebecca Kerstetter Agency, Hackenberg’s Tree Service, MBH Race Cars, Weikert’s Livestock.

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