PORT ROYAL, Pa. – In the final tune-up for the Tuscarora 50, it was
Trey Starks scoring the sprint car win in the 30-lap All Star Circuit
of Champions main event Friday night at Port Royal Speedway.

The 52nd Annual Tuscarora 50, presented by Packer’s Concessions and
Ramsey’s Car Wash and Garage, pays $52,000 to win Saturday night. The
Friday night program was presented by former promoter and announcer
Ted Reitz.

For Starks, of Puyallup, Wash., his second career win against the
Ollie’s Bargin Outlet All Star Circuit of Champions was worth $5,000
in the Jeff McCall/Scott Gobrecht No. 44.

“This feels awesome,” Starks said. “The first part of the year nothing
went our way and now we’re getting some luck on our side and we have
fast racecars. It’s great to be back here. I kept moving my wing back
and getting more grip.”

A massive seven-car pile-up in turn three marred the start of the main
event for the Weikert’s Livestock / All Star sprint cars. TJ Stutts
got sideways entering the corner and collected Jared Esh. They slid
across the turn collecting Danny Dietrich and the others ran into
them. All drivers were okay.  A few teams made repairs and restarted.

Aaron Reutzel grabbed the lead when the race resumed over Starks.
James McFadden took third from Tony Stewart while Freddie Rahmer and
Brian Brown swapped fourth.

Reutzel had a comfortable lead until he reached lapped traffic. He
struggled to lap cars and Starks quickly closed.

The yellow flew with nine laps completed for debris on the racing surface.

Following the restart, McFadden passed Starks for second, Brown passed
Stewart and Anthony Macri raced into fifth.

Reutzel blew a left rear tire with 12 completed and slowed bringing
out the yellow.

McFadden inherited the lead, but Starks blasted by him following the
restart. Macri got by Brown and into third.

Starks streaked away from the field.

“After I got by him, I was going to run it as hard as I could up top
and not worry about my tires,” Starks said. “If my tires blow, my
tires blow. I was going to run it as hard as I could and we ended up
making it to the end. It was a great night.”

Another yellow slowed the race with 18 laps completed. This erased his
2.144-second lead.

The yellow flew again for another third turn wreck involving Paul
McMahan and Stutts. The field was stopped to refuel at this time.

Starks got another great restart as Brown took third from Macri. Gio
Scelzi and Macri swapped the fourth spot.

Starks once again streaked away from the field as they got strung out
around a very fast cushion. Starks reached traffic with five to go and
McFadden cut into his lead.

Starks held on for the win over McFadden. Brown, Scelzi and Macri
completed the top five. Brock Zearfoss, Ryan Smith, Freddie Rahmer,
Reutzel and Cory Eliason rounded out the top 10.

Reutzel set quick time over the 58-car field with a lap of 15.957.

Scelzi, McFadden, Brown, Stewart and Macri won the heat races. Alan
Krimes won the C-main. Dewease won the B-main.

Former track champion Lucas Wolfe made his return to speedway after
sitting out almost two months with a back injury. His left rear axle
broke entering turn one during his qualifying time trial lap sending
him into the wall and flipping. He was okay. The wheel cleared the
high first turn fence and hit the side of a house.

The speedway presents the 52nd Annual Tuscarora 50 tonight. The 50-lap
main event for the sprint cars pays $52,000 to win.

Colton Flinner led Rick Eckert and Kyle Lee on the opening lap of the
30-lap main event for the River Valley Builders /Grit House Rt. 35
series for the super late models. Marvin Winters passed Lee for third.

The first yellow flew with four laps completed.

Flinner and Eckert raced hard for the lead following the restart.
Flinner turned back Eckert securing the top spot after a few laps.

The yellow flew with nine laps completed.

Flinner was up to the challenge once again holding back Eckert on the
restart. But, the yellow flew again with 12 laps completed.

Trevor Feathers raced by Winters into third on restart as Flinner
continued to lead.

The yellow flew again with 12 to go.

Both Eckert and Feathers went after the lead on the restart, but again
it was Flinner holding onto the lead.

Flinner hit the fence off turn two. Eckert took advantage driving by
in turn three taking the lead.

Eckert streaked away, but the yellow slowed the race with four laps left.

Feathers grabbed second from Flinner on the restart as Eckert drove
away winning by 1.262. Feathers, Winters, Flinner and Gene Knaub
completed the top five. Austin Berry, Kyle Lee, Hayes Mattern, Bryan
Bernheisel and Roy Deese rounded out the top 10.

Bernheisel edged out Port Royal track champion Dylan Yoder by one
point for the Grit House Series championship.

Bernheisel, Winters and Eckert won the heat races. Deese won the B-main.

Weikert’s Livestock Sprint Cars (30 laps): 1. Trey Starks. 2. James
McFadden. 3. Brian Brown. 4. Gio Scelzi. 5. Anthony Macri. 6. Brock
Zearfoss. 7. Ryan Smith. 8. Freddie Rahmer. 9. Aaron Reutzel. 10. Cory
Eliason. 11. Danny Dietrich. 12. Tony Stewart. 13. Dylan Cisney. 14.
Jared Esh. 15. Dale Blaney. 16. Blane Heimbach. 17. AJ Flick. 18.
Lynton Jeffrey. 19. Justin Peck. 20. Kerry Madsen. 21. TJ Stutts. 22.
Paul McMahan. 23. Josh Baughman. 24. Kyle Reinhardt. 25. Lance
Dewease. 26. Tyler Reeser.

B-main (12 laps): 1. Lance Dewease. 2. Josh Baughman 3. Dylan Cisney.
4. Blane Heimbach. 5. Greg Wilson. 6. Tyler Reeser. 7. Ryan Taylor. 8.
Dan Shetler. 9. Tim Shaffer. 10. Sye Lynch. 11. Paul McMahan. 12.
Gerard McIntyre Jr. 13. Chase Dietz. 14. Brett Michalski. 15. Chad
Kemenah. 16. Dave Blaney. 17. Brian Montieth. 18. Cory Haas. 19.
Landon Myers. 20. Mike Wagner. 21. Robbie Kendall.

C-main (10 laps): 1. Alan Krimes. 2. Chad Kemenah. 3. Skylar Gee. 4.
Tyler Walton. 5. Rick Lafferty. 6. Nicole Bower. 7. Kyle Smith. 8.
Dustin Baney. DNS: Logan Wagner, Jason Shultz, Rick Lafferty, Jeff
Miller, Carl Bowser, Tyler Bear, Troy Fraker, John Garvin, Justin
Whittall, Lucas Wolfe.

River Valley Builders Super Late Models (30 laps): 1. Rick Eckert. 2.
Trevor Feathers. 3. Marvin Winters. 4. Colton Flinner. 5. Gene Knaub.
6. Austin Berry. 7. Kyle Lee. 8. Hayes Mattern. 9. Bryan Bernheisel.
10. Roy Deese. 11. Dylan Yoder. 12. Jerry Bard. 13. Dan Stone. 14.
Jeff Rine. 15. Chad Myers. 16. Mike Lupfer. 17. Chad Julius. 18.
Dillan Stake. 19. Dave Stamm. 20. Tim Smith. 21. Donnie Schick. 22.
Rance Garlock. 23. Andy Haus. 24. Jason Schmidt.

Did Not Qualify: Dave Stamm, Nathan Long, Dave Brouse, Kody Lyter, Tim
Wilson, Jim Yoder.