Beginning January 7th, 2020, the RainedOut.com website and APP will no longer be a FREE service.  It is important to know that RainedOut.com is in no way associated with Port Royal Speedway, it is simply an APP that allows us, as well as many other tracks, to alert the fans as to postponements and cancellations.

Beginning January 7th, 2020, RainedOut.com will begin charging $7.30 per user for an annual subscription.  By paying the $7.30 for the year, you are registering your cell phone number for the year and you will continue to receive RainedOut text alerts from all the organizations you currently are subscribed to.  It is a one-time annual fee of $7.30, not a $7.30 charge per race track.  Also keep in mind this payment goes to RainedOut.com, it does not go to Port Royal Speedway.  Again, you can be subscribed to an unlimited number of organizations, and the fee will remain $7.30 annually.

Port Royal Speedway, as well as Selinsgrove Speedway, will continue to send out alerts as we have in the past.  I would think it is safe to assume that other local tracks will continue to do so as well, but we can only speak definitively for Port Royal and Selinsgrove.

If you wish to remove yourself from the text alert system, simply reply STOP when you receive the next message from a specific track.  Both Selinsgrove and Port Royal will be sending a test notification in the coming days.  Port Royal Speedway does not use the email alerts, only SMS text alerts.

When you receive your very first text alert after January 7th, you will be prompted for payment.  You will only see this prompt on the first message you receive after January 7th, 2020, no matter which track it is from.  Both Port Royal administrators and Selinsgrove administrators will be testing the system on January 7th so we have a better idea of how the payment procedure will be handled.  Once that test is complete, we will post the information on how the payment procedure will be handled.

If you receive a prompt for payment, please visit Port Royal and Selinsgrove social media outlets for additional information

Thank You.