ATTENTION- 3/12/20 Port Royal Speedway​ Tunnel/Infield Update

By- Justin Snyder/Port Royal Speedway

PORT ROYAL, Pa- Speedway employees have worked vigorously over the past week and we are proud to say that the tunnel and infield will be fully open to fans for this weekend’s 3/14/20 racing events at the Port Royal Speedway.

Infield concession stands will also be open for fans wishing to purchase food and drink, however bathrooms will still be portable for the time being. The infield bathrooms will not be ready for a few more weeks and we will continue to update fans/drivers on the status of them via our various social media outlets and website

We encourage fans to visit the infield and utilize the tunnel and let us know your thoughts on what has been one of the most talked about off season improvements to the speedway in recent history.

Also, per the office and track promotional team, we will stop selling Reserved Seating for the grandstands at the end of March. If interested, please make sure to call/visit the Speedway office before then.

This is all in advance of some big weekends of racing that will be happening at ‘The Speed Palace’.

Saturday, March 14 – Weikert’s Livestock 410 Sprint Cars and River Valley Builders Super Late Models

Saturday, March 21- Weikert’s Livestock 410 Sprint Car, ULMS Late Models and Selinsgrove Ford Limited Late Models


Modifieds and SB Modifieds, ULMS Late Models

Saturday, March 28- Weikert’s Livestock 410 Sprint Cars, River Valley Builders Super Late Models and SELINSGROVE Ford Limited Late Model

We thank you again for being flexible and supportive and we will continue to work to ensure the fans and drivers are provided weekly with the safest and most enjoyable racing experience possible.

Lastly, we have received multiple calls regarding racing at the Speedway regarding the Coronavirus outbreak.

We will continue to operate as normal and will be racing at the Speedway this weekend and in the foreseeable future. We will continue to monitor the situation and will operate based on the guidelines set for us at higher levels.

Thank You and see you at the Track!