Logan Wagner Completes Historic 2021 Season at Port Royal Speedway with 54th Annual Tuscarora 50 Triumph

By- Justin Snyder

Port Royal Speedway – PORT ROYAL, Pa. (Sept 12, 2021) – Logan Wagner capped off a historic season at the Port Royal Speedway with a late-race pass of Lance Dewease to claim the biggest victory of his career in the 54th Annual Tuscarora 50 presented by Ramsey’s Car Wash & Garage and Packer’s Concessions, LLC..

Wagner tied the legendary Keith Kauffman one night prior as the only drivers in Speedway history to win four consecutive track points titles and he bookended the season with the $54,000 All FloRacing All Star Circuit of Champions presented by Mobil 1 triumph on Saturday.

Combined with lap money and other awards, Wagner won a total of $56,075 and further stamped himself in the Port Royal Speedway history books in front of a sell-out crowd on the 20th anniversary of the September 11th attacks.

“I’m living in a dream man and I’m in an ultimate universe. It’s unreal,” said Wagner in front a raucous crowd of friends and family. ”
Prior to the start of the feature  event, Wagner kicked off the evening by setting fast time during qualifying to earn $1200 courtesy of Packers Concessions and Tedd Reitz and he added another $200 later via Reitz when he picked up his heat win.

However, courtesy of a fortunate re-draw, it was Rico Abreu taking the green-flag form the pole position with Wagner sitting in second. Last season’s Tuscarora 50 saw Abreu lead a majority of the race before a mechanical failure ended his bid for the cash and he picked right back up where he left off by leading lap one over Wagner, night two winner Daryn Pittman, Dewease and Tyler Courtney.

Lap two saw Dewease crack the podium for the first time of the night and two laps later, the Hometown Kid Dylan Cisney moved into the top-five form his sixth starting spot. Dewease used his familiar low groove to slip by Wagner for the second position on the same lap and set his sights on Abreu, who was pulling away from the pack.

On lap seven Abreu met the tail end of the pack and within four laps, Dewease was all over Abreu for the top spot in lapped traffic. Abreu struggled to dispatch of the lapped car of AJ Flick and that left an opening for Dewease to capitalize on the bottom of turn’s three and four to lead lap 12.

Cisney continued his trek forward on lap 13 as he moved into the fourth position and one lap later Macri cracked the top-five form his eighth starting spot.

Lap 17 saw Wagner drive through the middle of turn’s three and four around the outside of Abreu for the second position and the Harrisonville, Pa. native set his sights on a shot at glory and Dewease.

Dewease held steady up front as the field neared the halwfay mark of the event, but Wagner was closing fast. As the field took the yellow flag for the halfway mark, all eyes were on Dewease as he appeared to be leaking oil and smoke was billowing from his famed baby blue No. 69k.

While under the yellow Dewease’s team worked hard to find the root of the problem and Dewease actually exited the car to clean his steering wheel and driver’s suit of oil. The team added two quarts of oil and made repairs to the oil pressure gauge as Wagner’s team sat patiently behind him and made slight adjustments for the second half of the 50-lap event.

“I didn’t know what was going on with Lance and I hate to see someone blow up, but I’ll be honest I was hoping to see him blow up,” said Wagner. “I knew we had something for him there at the halfway mark. I told the guys at the stop, I’m either bringing. I’m either bring this thing back checkers or wreckers and they told me to let her rip.”

For Dewease, he was just trying to hang on and get past the issues with the oil leak.

“Honestly we ran out of tear offs after the first 10 laps and I couldn’t even barely hold onto the steering wheel with the amount of oil coming out,” said Dewease. “I kind of felt like we might be a sitting duck out there, but we just tried to do our best under the break there to try and get to the finish.”

If Dewease couldn’t see, it was tough for the fans to tell as he again raced out the lead over Wagner and Abreu when the field returned to green. Macri moved into the fourth position on lap 28 and three laps later Dewease again approached the tail end of the field.

Whether it was the oil leak or dirty air conditions, Dewease was struggling to make up speed in lapped traffic and Wagner was again closing. However, he nearly threw it all away when he smacked the outside guardrail in turn’s three and four trying to get around the lapped car of Kyle Reinhardt.

“I stuffed it in the fence a couple times and I was just driving my hardest to try and get by him and in a position to win,” said Wagner. “I got in there and got off Reinhardt’s right rear and I hit the wall and I knew that was on me to regroup and go.”

Wagner regained his composure, while Macri slid into a podium position  two laps later. With 15 to go it was a quad of Port Royal regulars holding down the front four spots as Cisney moved into fourth. Moments later the caution flew with 15 laps remaining as Zeb Wise shredded a left rear tire on the frontstretch.

Macri took advantage of the restart and slid Wagner for second, however the caution again flew before a lap could be completed for debris as a result of Zeb Wise. Wise’s wing had sustained damage as a result of the previous blown tire and was the reason for the yellow.

This time Wagner was ready for Macri’s attempt and he remained steady a few carlengths behind Dewease in second. One lap later the caution flew again for a slowing Tyler Courtney. Courtney was running eighth and appeared to be suffering from a right flat tire under the previous caution and tagged the tail of the field after replacing the tire.

11th-place starter and night one winner Brent Marks made his way into the top five following the restart and with 10 laps remaining, Wagner was slowly chipping away at Dewease’s advantage. With six laps to go Dewease entered lapped traffic and with three to go Wagner was stalking his prey.

Dewease checked up slightly for the lapped car of Kyle Reinhardt entering turn three and that allowed Wagner to dive under for the leadentering turn four. However, Dewease was able to complete the crossover move and pulled back ahead to lead the lap with the two-to-go sign showing in the flagstand.

This time Wagner went to the highside in turn’s one and two and he completed the pass for the lead down the backstretch. He dove back to the bottom in turn’s three and four to put two lapped cars between him and Dewease and brought the record-high crowd to their feet as he took the white flag.

One more lap sat between the four-time track champion and date with destiny and Wagner played it safe by driving through the middle of turn’s one and two. He cruised down the backstretch, hit his marks in turn’s three and four and completed the fairytale ending by taking the checkered flag by a margin of 1.440 seconds over Dewease and Macri.

“That was awesome to race Lance clean and I didn’t know how many laps were left and I was just driving as hard as I could,” said Wagner. “This is unbelievable. We passed him on the bottom. A few years ago I couldn’t run a slick track to save my life and this is all about my Team Zemco guys and the track crew. I can’t believe it!”

For Dewease, he was happy for Wagner but ultimately was disappointed in the runner-up result.

“Logan has been pretty good all week and pretty good all year and he deserved to win it and I didn’t,” said Dewease. “I drove 40 laps not being able to see, not being able to hit the pedal and it was just tough. We’re not here for second though.”

For Macri, it was his second consecutive season on the podium of the crown jewel event. He believed he had a chance, but needed a restart to get to the front.

“We had a plan to kind of conserve the first 25 laps and save our tires and my guys told me we were in good shape for the second 25,” said Macri. “We got Logan on that one restart and it got called off right away and I was kind of swearing under my helmet. I guess that was maybe our best shot, but overall we had a third-place car and congrats to Logan and his guys on the win.”

After not completing a lap in time trials or heat race action and coming up just short in the B-main, Blane Heimbach not only earned the 23rd Annual Will Gamble Award as the highest non-qualifying local driver, but he took a provisional to start the field and he charged forward from 29th to finish 12th an earn the $200 Valley Supply Hard Charger Award.

Kyle Reinhardt finished 23rd and as a result of a random draw in victory lane earned the $6000 J$S Fabrication Award presented by Jim & Sandy Kline. In total, Reinhardt brought home a total of $7500 as a result in his homecoming to Central Pennsylvania with the All Stars.

Michael Walter II earned a $1000 Hard Luck Award presented by Buttonwood Campground as the second highest non-qualifying local Port Royal driver, while Pat Cannon picked up $100 as the hard charger in the non-qualifier feature courtesy of Chapel’s Country Creamery.

Wagner also earned $500 in memory of Alfred Jamison via his family and friends while Cory Eliason scored an additional $170 for his 17th-place finish via Turn It Up Media.

Kyle Moody made a last lap pass on Lynton Jeffrey in the non-qualifier feature pay off for $2100 and a guaranteed spot in next season’s 55th Annual Tuscarora 50. All drivers competing in the non-qualifier race received an additional $100 via Valley Supply.

410 Sprint Car Feature Results: (50 Laps): 1. Logan Wagner; 2. Lance Dewease; 3. Anthony Macri; 4. Dylan Cisney; 5. Brent Marks; 6. Spencer Bayston; 7. Mike Wagner; 8. Bill Balog; 9. Rico Abreu; 10. Gerard McIntyre; 11. Gio Scelzi; 12. Blane Heimbach; 13. T.J. Stutts; 14. Danny Dietrich; 15. Daryn Pittman; 16. Sye Lynch; 17. Cory Eliason; 18. Ian Madsen; 19. Justin Peck; 20. Tyler Bear; 21. Justin Whittall; 22. Devon Borden; 23. Kyle Reinhardt; 24. A.J. Flick; 25. Tyler Courtney; 26. Zeb Wise; 27. Hunter Schuerenberg; 28. Lucas Wolfe; 29. Freddie Rahmer.