Enduro Rules

The rules are subject to change in the better interest of racing or safety.

100 inch wheel base cars will be allowed.

Inrail headers are permitted.

Engine and Body Specifications

a) Any 1948 or newer sedan is eligible. No pick-up, four wheel drive Jeeps, or station wagons allowed. Minimum stock wheel allowed is 108″.

b) 6 point roll cage is mandatory with an X on the roll cage behind driver. Unibody cars must have the front frame connected with the rear frame with 2 x 4 steel and roll cage must be welded to frame.

c) No bracing in the bumper area. Bumpers must be chained or cabled as a safety item to help retain the bumper. No siderails.

d) All doors must be welded, chained or bolted shut.

e) All glass must be removed. 75% of windshield must be replaced with screen.

f) Racing approved shoulder harness and lap belts are required. 2000 or newer is recommended.

g) All flammable material such as floor mats, headliners, door panels, rear seats, etc. must be removed.

h) Complete bumper to bumper steel unibody must be retained. No lighting permitted. No adding weight or lead!!

i) The stock steel unaltered floor pan, firewalls, trunks, and wheel wells must be retained.

j) Fuel cells must be securely fastened in the trunk. No gas in trunk and NO gas tanks. Fuel cells are required.

k) All cars must retain their strictly stock appearance. On hole may be cut in the hood area for carburetor only.

l) All plastic grills, headlights, taillights, door handles, and all chrome must be removed.

m) Mesh window nets are required.

n) Rupture of your gas tank and or loss of gas requires an immediate black flag.

o) Any loss of wheel or tire is a black flag and you must leave the track.

p) No racing with a flat tire.

q) Racing gloves are a must.

Suspension, Tire and Wheels

a) Suspension parts must remain absolutely stock for the make and model of car. No spacer, lumber, chains, etc. may be used to alter suspension of that car.

b) No magnesium, aluminum or composite materials.

c) A maximum of seven (7) inch wheel with 70 series tire maximum. No gumball tires. No D.O.T. racing tires.

Engine Rules

a) The engine must be strictly stock for that make and model car and in it’s original stock mounts.

b) No external oil coolers. No pop up pistons-flat top pistons only. Stock short valve covers only. Stock ignition components only. No super, No MSD Blasters, No MSD Pro Coils. Must have stock part number on the distributor and must have all stock components.

c) Cast iron head only. Stock or after-market head can be used. No guide plates on heads. No roller cams. No roller rocker. No roller tip rockers. No roller lifters. Poly locks only on rocker arms. No cams over 500 lift. No solid lift cams. Stock rocker arms only. Hydraulic cams only. Will check by valve lash. Zero (0) valve lash. Cams will be measured off of rocker arms.

d) No marine intakes, cast iron stock intake only.

e) One 2 barrel or one 4 barrel carburetor only. No double pumpers.

f) No Holley carburetors on GM cars.

g) Factory fuel injection is permitted on those years or cars when furnished as O.L. equipment.

h) Rear end stock transmission only. No external oil coolers or transmission coolers. No aluminum radiators.

i) Locked rears are permitted. Posi traction is permitted as a factory option.

j) Must have drive shaft loop. Drive shaft must be painted white.


a) Batteries must be relocated and securely fastened.

b) 6 point roll cage is mandatory. Minimum circumference 1 1/2″ pipe. Minimum wall thickness .083. Must be X behind driver. If unibody car front, frame must be connected to rear frame.

c) Approved safety helmet is mandatory. Radios are not permitted.

d) Pit area safety and procedures must be obeyed at all times.

e) Do not leave used tire behind ($100 fine)

f) Anything not covered in these rules will be at the discretion of the track officials and will be final.