General Rules

The rules are subject to change in the better interest of racing or safety.

Each person that enters into the pit and racing area must secure a competitor’s permit for that particular race and sign the track release form in order to be eligible for track insurance benefits.  Payment for the competitor’s permit is required at each race.  The permits are nontransferable and must be displayed at all times in the
pits and racing area.  Anyone fourteen (14) through seventeen (17) years old must have parental consent to purchase a competitor’s permit.  No one under fourteen (14) will be allowed in the pit or racing area.  Any violation will be punishable by expulsion.  There will be no refunds for competitor’s permits.

Every person (or group of persons) who enters the pit and racing area or participates in competitions sanctioned or promoted by the Port Royal Speedway upon purchasing a competitor’s permit and signing the track release form acknowledges that he has read, understands and agrees to abide by all the rules and regulations as set down by the promoters and/or the officials in charge of the racing programs.  All participants (drivers, car owners, pitmen, agents, etc.) upon entering any of the events scheduled by the Port Royal Speedway agree to permit use of their names, their photographs, and photographs of their racing equipment for advertisement and publicity at the discretion of the Speedway.  Also, the rights to any photographs taken in connection with any racing event are relinquished and permission is given to the Speedway or their agents to publish or sell such photographs.

Participants, when entering an event are not deemed employees of the Speedway, but are independent contractors, and as such, assume full responsibility for all charges, premiums and taxes, if any, payable on any funds or prize money they may receive as the result of their participation in any Speedway event.

The Port Royal Speedway does not desire or propose to establish a monopoly in automotive competition, therefore, no person may participate in any of its activities in any way except by his own free will.


Prior to participation in any racing event, all cars are subject to a safety inspection.  Only cars deemed suitable for competition will be approved for participation.  The officials reserve the right to reject any entry for failure to comply with safety or technical rules as set forth by the Port Royal Speedway.

The Speedway also reserves the right to reject any car or driver without cause or recourse.  The officials will interpret the safety rules and specifications and make all final decisions and judgments, but in no instance will any deviations from the rules which, in the opinion of the Committee, lower the safety factor, be allowed.

No one will be permitted to enter the pit or racing area suspected of being under the influence of alcoholic beverages or narcotics of any kind.

Any suspect participant must report immediately, at the request of track officials, to the track medical personnel.  Any participant found consuming alcoholic beverages or narcotics during a race meet will be expelled from the premises and the car with which he is associated may, at the discretion of the track officials, be disqualified from further competition.

All cars in all divisions must have hoods in place during warm-ups and competitions.

No driver shall compete in any racing event with his head or arms extending outside the enclosed body of the race car.  Any time the car is under power in the pit or racing area, even if a racing event is not in progress, the operator must wear the seat belt and shoulder harness and a racing helmet and fireproof racing uniform and fireproof racing gloves.  No car may carry more than the driver anytime the car is on the race track.  Violation of any of the above may results in a fine or disqualification or both.

RED FLAGS- No crew members are allowed on the track at the scene of an accident unless requested by an official or E.M.T.

Any participant involved in an accident while on the Speedway premises must report the details of the accident (providing the participant is physically fit to do so) to his pit steward or E.M.T. before leaving the premises in order to be eligible for benefits provided by the track insurance plan.  Any participant involved in an accident requiring hospital or doctor treatment, before competing in subsequent racing events, must present a signed release from the attending physician to his pit steward or the track secretary.

No race, time trial, or warm-up shall be started unless an ambulance with attendants and proper fire fighting and/or prevention equipment are on the premises.


Each driver and car owner is responsible for all members of the respective pit crew.  Any unsportsmanlike conduct will result in expulsion of the offender from the premises and may result in a fine or disqualification or both to the car with which the offender is associated.  No fighting or foul, abusive language will be tolerated in the pit or racing area and such actions will result in suspension or a fine of up to $1000 or both.  Offenders will not be allowed to return to the pit racing area until the fine is paid or the suspension revoked.  Any driver or any member of the crew, leaving his or her pit area to enter another driver’s pit to cause problems may be suspended, fined or both, regardless of the circumstances prior to the incident.  Any driver or crew member or owner that makes bodily contact with any official will be prosecuted to the fullest and be expelled from any racing action until further notice.  During yellow laps in any division if a driver needs to stop for safety reasons he must stop by an official in order to maintain his position before the yellow came out.

Only race cars, towing equipment, safety and authorized vehicles are permitted in the pit area during a race meet.  Additional equipment and unauthorized vehicles must be moved outside the pits prior to the start of warm-ups.  Any race car failing to move unauthorized equipment from the pit area will be disqualified until compliance is met.

Rough or inconsiderate driving, violation of flag rules, or unsportsmanlike conduct by a driver will result in a fine or disqualification or both at the discretion of track officials.

At no time may drivers, owners or crew members approach the flagman.  In the event of a score protest, only the driver or the owner or his authorized agent may protest to the scorers and only after all racing is completed for the night.

No use of video tapes to determine a call.

It is expected that all discussions and disputes between participants or participants and track officials will be conducted in an orderly and sportsmanlike fashion.  Two representatives (preferably owner and driver) from each car involved may approach the officials’ tower to question a decision or to enter a formal protest.  Any behavior during such a discussion that impedes continuation of a race event will be punishable by a fine or disqualification or both.  Protest must be in writing and presented to the track officials within 30 minutes after the completion of the event to which the protest applies.

Anyone deliberately delaying the racing program will be disqualified.

Any driver, pit crew member or other person who violates any Speedway rule or procedure shall be subject, in addition to disqualification or fine, or both, to suspension by track officials, for a definite or indefinite period, from any participation in, or presence at, any race event as the track officials, in their discretion, deem appropriate.

Any car found illegal loses pay and points for that race.